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i heard this on Songza’s Lush Life channel yesterday and i was like “what the fuck is this?” so i pulled out my phone, saw that the band was called KhruangBin, went to SoundCloud, and i’ve been obsessed with their sound for the rest of the day and night. they call it Thai Funk. I call it awesome.


Emily’s friend Zach’s summer playlist. so gooooood. enjoy


Someone asked me about Myrna and I directed them to this interview.  She talks about how she approached life, and her commitment to social matters.  Of course a bit of Hollywood is thrown in as well!.   


If you like Myrna, you’ll want to watch this!  It is FASCINATING!!!

What an insight into the person Miss Loy was.  It is just amazing that, having lived through the life and times she had, that she stayed true to her beliefs and committment to others. 

This was filmed 25 May 1973 when Myrna was 67.

(Source: interviewcollection)

Measuring the Affect of Lower Interest Rates


Lower interest rates have a very real affect on stock prices. Aside from some of the squishy arguments that are hard to measure like “lower borrowing costs stimulates the economy” and “bonds become less attractive relative to equities,” lower rates have an explicit impact on stock prices that can be easily quantified.


kirk reposted this into my feed. it’s really good.